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Megami Ryuuzaki

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Been a While [Mar. 15th, 2011|05:49 pm]
Megami Ryuuzaki
So it's been like three years since I posted anything here I think. Jeez. Damn college has been keeping me busy. Not to mention my lack of ideas for fanfics. =/ I realized I dearly missed my Hellsing and AxI fandom so I came back. =D

I am considering restarting, continuing or starting a new Hellsing fanfiction. My old stuff is really old and I decided that it was really crappily written as well. I believe my writing has improved during the time I've been gone from LJ Land and FF.Net. My fandoms have also changed, but I will forever be an obsessive AxI fangirl.

Look for updates here about ideas I have for AxI fanfics. They will be posted on my FF.Net account, linked on my profile page.