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Rekidaishi no Mugon - An Introduction

Well, I think I will be posting a story I have been working on for over 7 years. I have restarted it 5 times, and am currently in the process of doing so again. I hope this will be the final restart and that I will finish the first book by next year.

Rating: PG-13 for most of it, R in later chapters for violence and swearing and suggestive content.
Genre: Fantasy/Horror - Action/Romance
Warning: None I can think of. If you don't have an open mind, you may be offended since the main characters are beings that are typically considered "evil." In my world, they are not.
Somewhat important background Info: This is the story of not just one person, but a few. The Silence Demon Megami was originally the main character, but that idea has sort of diminished. She is a main character, but not the only one. There are three other main characters, the humans Ami and Zakaru and the vampire Loki. The story will mostly revolve around Megami's past and future, but the focus will be on how her friends deal with the things happening to her, and in turn, them.

In previous versions of this story, I told people that Megami was the last of her race. That is no longer the case. She survives her race's destruction and unbeknownst to her, her brother does as well along with 7 others. With that said, onto the actual story summary. Mind you I suck at summaries, so if it makes no sence, I apologize.

Summary: The land of Terra is a peaceful world. Humans, elves, demons, dragons, vampires and lesser creatures all exist peacefully together for the most part. One of the most peaceful places in Terra is the country of Soruzen. This country ruled by the Silence Demon clan has never seen war and is well protected by its powerful inhabitants. But tension has been steadily growing over the last 7 years since the birth of Silence Demon twins to the Ryuuzaki family. Rizel Ryuuzaki was unable to have children, but by some miracle, gave birth to the fraternal twins Megami and Kaze. The seven elders that govern the Silence Demons were both greatly pleased and saddened by this event. The prophecy passed down by the elders, unknown to the rest of the clan, said that twins would be born to a mother incapable of having children. They would become the next great elders, one of which would become the Supereme Elder of their clan who presided over all the other elders. But one day, before they reached their prime, tragedy would befall the Silence Demon clan and all would perish...

I would like to know if anyone finds this even remotely interesting? If you have read my Hellsing fanfic, you will recognize the names Megami and Loki. Those characters from that fic are the main characters in this story, so if you liked them, you may like this. But I would really like some input since I hope to one day have this published and if no one likes this story then that may never happen. Let me know if you'd like me to throw up a rough draft of some of the first chapter.
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